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on the good in us

Tonight I took one of the most challenging (and best) yoga classes of my practice yet. It was a 2+ hour class with a teacher named Mike who I hadn’t had the chance to train with until now. He turns the Krishna Das up to volume 11 and shouts at you like a bootcamp instructor, bending your body into the poses he know you can do better, deeper. He holds you there until you do it. After the first hour you’re basically on a weird high that lifts you through another set of the same poses, just deeper, and faster, and with more inversions. It’s out of control. With his support, I did a handstand for the first time tonight. I did three actually.

~ ~ ~

For the past few months, I’ve let my mind and life become partially consumed by a particular person who did not deserve the space, time or energy. This person led me to believe in isolated moments, in various ways, that it was OK for me to make this space and use this time and energy in such a way. This person let me into their life, very minimally. This person let me know I was good enough for them.

~ ~ ~

After class tonight, I talked with Mike, who had just learned my name, but couldn’t recall it. He pointed at me. “You,” he said. “You’re good.” I blushed, I’m sure, and my much more regular yoga teacher, Danielle, put her arm around me and said, “She’s my student!,” all proud-like. I know I’ve got a long, long way to go in my practice. There’s a lot I can’t do and I’ve got a ton of flaws and insecurities and weaknesses. But to have a teacher with decades more experience meet you for a couple hours and say, you’re good. Guaranteed, he had no idea the weight of his words.

We’ve all got good in us, but sometimes we let it get lost and buried. I have a lot lately. Surround yourself with the things and the people that embrace, reflect and point out the good in you. Not the people that shrug, you’re good enough.

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